by Luke White

Welcome to Randomness

I'm Luke White, I dabble in mechatronics engineering and web development, and I play sports. Since I don't know what to put here, I am dedicating this site to complete randomness. There will be random games, tools, and possibly blog posts. I doubt anyone will find their way here (except maybe some friends), but if you do, feel free to look around. Enjoy!

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PML (PDF Markup Language) is a markup language intended to ease the creation of PDFs. It uses tags named similarly to those in HTML, but uses a slightly different syntax. It allows for styling and IDs, as well as forms like checkboxes and text inputs. We (me and a friend) are working on an app that has a built-in text editor and the ability to export PML as a PDF. This project is currently under construction, so make sure to check back once it is completed.

Other Projects

Make sure to check out my Github for more small-scale projects that I've been working on.